Oblivion Records
Independent record label and distribution.
About Label
Oblivion Records - record label and music distribution in Russia. It was founded in 2018 in Severodvinsk. Works with artists of all directions and is always happy to see new artists.
Our releases
We present You all the releases that were released with the support of our label.
RowRise - Designer
Date of release: 15 December 2018
DJ Hashtag - Summer Love
Date of release: 14 January 2019
DJ Hashtag - Magical Vibes
Date of release: 29 January 2019
Incredible Sense - 0 to 1
Date of release: 15 February 2019
Clear Vision - Heavy Life
Date of release: 28 February 2019
TinyTot - We are Friends
Date of release: 15 March 2019
MȺRLI - Sunset Jesus
Date of release: 20 April 2019
Non-Commercial (Tribute to Avicii)
Services Oblivion Records
Distribution of Your music
Sell your music worldwide in digital stores and streaming services including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, Boom, Beatport, Yandex, etc.
Instrumental to order
If you have difficulties in writing the instrumental, you can always contact our specialists who will do everything for you. Our producers have a high vostrebovatelnosti and great prices.
Personal manager
We provide a unique service "personal Publications Manager". The service will help to save time and achieve the desired results in the sale of your content.
The Manager takes care of the whole range of work to prepare for the publication and sale of your releases in partner stores. You will always be able to receive personal consultation of the Manager assigned to you on all interesting questions.
Advantages of Oblivion Records
Reliability and quality
Only is our label that performs its functions conscientiously and efficiently, never abandons the client halfway.
Individual approach to each artist
Only is our label that works with everyone in its own way, finds competent ways of development for everyone.
Oblivion Records is always looking forward to new artists
Only is our label will not refuse you if your creativity is really worth developing in any of the music industries.
Send us your demo
If you have demo material that you would like to send us, click on "Demo Submission". Sending works only through the service of listening to music "Soundcloud".
Our contacts
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